Time for a Change

10 years ago I got my first Digital SLR camera. Since then, my photography style, along with my equipment and skill have evolved dramatically. I loved my Canon camera and I mastered it. I spent thousands of dollars on top of the line Canon L Series lenses to ensure that every picture I took was perfect. But then, I lost my inspiration. 

My equipment became so bulky that I never took it out. My website so cumbersome that it was never updated. I made the hard decision to sell all my Canon equipment and take a leap of faith into the world of Micro 4/3 photography -- with an Olympus OMD EM1. Based on my research, the technology has come far enough that I finally felt that I could use a more compact micro 4/3 camera and still get pictures I was happy with. More importantly, the ease of portability will give me no excuses to not get out and take pictures. 

Here is to getting inspired all over again...